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NEWS ~ Terrorism + Fascism

Terrorism is defined, at its simplest, as: any act designed to cause terror. Despite its name, not all actions that are terrifying or terrible are described as terrorism. There is no universal consensus as to what is or is not included (see Definitions of terrorism), but terrorism is generally understood to feature a political objective, whether that means the politics of nationalismethnicityreligionideology or social class, amongst others. Definitions as to which acts of violence are considered terrorism will be more often subjective than objective. Since the terrorist act is the symptom of a struggle that has a national, religious or social cause, then the response to it is also often determined by ethnicity, beliefs or class. Furthermore, since attitudes to nationalism, religion, and social status tend to evolve over the course of time, it follows that acts of terrorism, and the individuals or organisations engaging in that terrorism, may - and often are - re-examined retrospectively, being either legitimised or criminalised according to the subsequent prevailing political perspectives.

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Terrorism + Fascism News

China Destroys Biggest Tibetan Buddhist Site In Eastern Tibet | Zee5

London-based NGO Free Tibet reported that a densely populated area on the west bank of the river running through Yarchen Gar in Palyual County, Eastern Tibet, has been reduced to bare ground. Chinese authorities levelled almost half of Yarchen Gar – one of the world’s largest Tibetan Buddhist sites, according to recently published satellite images. Monks and nuns have also been forced out of their homes and places of worship in the area, with research group Tibet Watch confirming the removal of at least 70 nuns in July. Established in 1985, Yarchen Gar is a Buddhist monastery complex that previously had a population of around 10,000 people.

Man arrested for trying to start a fire in Puyallup near SR-167 | Fire Mode |

Since Monday more than 50 fires have been started around the state, burning more than 300,000 acres.  As there was no lightning recorded during that period, it is believed that all the fires were human caused. 

Oregon wildfire burns more than 380 acres, suspect arrested for arson, officials say | Fox News

A wildfire in Oregon has burned some 380 acres as officials announced Tuesday a person has been arrested in connection with the blaze. The Lane County Sheriff's Office said Elias Newton Pendergrass, 44, of Mapleton, was arrested and charged with arson in the first degree in connection to the Sweet Creek Milepost 2 Fire.

China Has ‘Disappeared’ Tens of Thousands Under System of ‘State-Sanctioned Kidnapping’ | The Epoch Times

This year, at least 20 people per day will be “disappeared” by the Chinese communist regime, according to a recent report by human rights group Safeguard Defenders. These people are taken by authorities, without a court order, and thrown into secret locations, where they are held incommunicado and in isolation for up to half a year. Inside these facilities, people are denied access to a lawyer and family visits, and torture is common, the report (pdf) released on Aug. 30 said. This system, which was legalized in 2013 and officially known as “Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location” (RSDL), allows Chinese police to operate without supervision and endows them with “unparalleled power over its victims,” said Peter Dahlin, director of the Madrid-based nonprofit. “If the police wanted to, they can on day one break every bone in your body, let you heal up for six months, then release you—and no one would ever know,” Dahlin told The Epoch Times in an email. Drawing from data on court verdicts posted on China’s supreme court database, Safeguard Defenders estimated that between 28,000 to 29,000 people have been placed into RSDL from 2013 to the end of 2019. However, the real number is likely to be far greater given that this figure doesn’t include those who were released from RSDL before any trial, the group noted. “This is mass state-sanctioned kidnapping,” the nonprofit said in a statement. The regime’s “widespread and systemic use” of enforced disappearances, reminiscent of kidnappings by South American dictatorships during the 1960s and 1970s, may constitute a crime against humanity under international law, the report concluded.

US Makes Largest Seizure of Digital Accounts Used to Fund Terror Groups | The Epoch Times

Federal law enforcement agencies announced the dismantling of three terrorist organizations’ fundraising campaigns on Aug. 13. The terror organizations involved are al-Qassam Brigades (the paramilitary wing of Hamas), al-Qaida, and the ISIS terror group. All three used social media and cryptocurrency to raise money for their operations, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ has taken down four websites and four Facebook pages, and seized $2 million and more than 300 cryptocurrency wallets. Officials said it’s the largest-ever seizure of digital currency funds related to terrorism.

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Kripalu to lay off 450, shut down until 2021 | The Berkshire Eagle

The Berkshire economy absorbed another shock Thursday when one of South County's largest employers announced that it will lay off 90 percent of its almost 500 employees next month. Due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is planning to lay off 450 of the retreat center's 489 total employees June 17, CEO Barbara Vacarr said Thursday. Kripalu's employees were notified Wednesday of the staff reductions.The remaining 39 employees will receive salary cuts based on the amount of their yearly compensation, with the highest-paid staffers receiving the biggest pay reductions, Vacarr said. The remaining members of Kripalu's peer leadership team are receiving 40 percent pay cuts. "We tried to do this equitably, based on salary," she said. All of the laid-off employees will be eligible to apply for unemployment compensation, Vacarr said. Kripalu hopes to bring back as many employees as possible when it reopens in 2021, she said.

Adventure Yoga Teachers Training | Facebook

Arizona Adventure YTT 200 is ON! AZA YTT is "The only residential Adventure Yoga Teachers Training immersed in Nature & registered with Yoga Alliance.” Small-sized classes in magnificent landscapes steeped in music, movement, philosophy and tradition. Welcome to the Future of Yoga. Sept 2 - 20, 2020.

Monday Wake Up and Breathe! Muladhara Chakra: Secure, Grounded and Connected with Others | YouTube

Ground yourself for your day and your week with Pranayama (breathing) exercises in the morning or anytime you need a pick me up. Made for anyone at any level, even if you’ve had recent health challenges this video is for you! Watch or just listen to visualize and energize your root chakra. Integrate into mind and body better by wearing the color red or spritzing yourself with an essential oil to remind you of the significance of the root chakra: feeling safe, at home in your body and connected to the world around you.

Gilbert Yoga

We’ve been serving the community and surrounding areas since 2003, offering a wide variety of public classes & events to fit your needs, as well as Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Trainings. We have something for all - yoga for ages toddler to infinity, sound healings, Yoga Nidra (guided meditation), private yoga &/or Pranic Healing/Chakra balancing sessions, retreats… plus so much more! We are more than a yoga studio - we are a community of caring teachers and students, and we welcome you with open arms and open hearts! ~This has been one of the best yoga experiences of my life. My husband and I have been taking the prenatal yoga class. Our instructor is amazing and super in tune with the needs of her students. You get exercise, support, and information for having a healthy pregnancy. My husband loves the class and now he has more info on how to support me. This is my first pregnancy and I have to say this class is a MUST for all pregnant momma's out there! A.A. - Gilbert, AZ

8 Life Lessons From A 2000-Year-Old Guidebook – The Yoga Sutras | Collective Evolution

Yoga is something that continues to gain a tremendous amount of popularity throughout the world as we move through 2015 and beyond. It’s not a religion, and it is used and practiced by theists, atheists, and everyone in between. There are two major components of yoga that are now being practiced in the West today: physical fitness through stretching (asana), and mental fitness through the practice of meditation (dhyana).

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