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The Mayan Calendar | Devotional Tantra

By Rundy, Devotional Tantra

Today is the Aquarius New Moon, the Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dragon, and in numerology an 11 day 1 + 23 (5) + 2012 (5) = 11. The new moon represents new beginnings, what begins anew in your life today? And 11 is the number (vibration) of mastery, together these energies present lots of heavenly…


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Your Final Appointment with Destiny by Sangeeta Handa | Review

By John David Van Hove

Reviewers Note: You can now purchase her new e-book edition of the book on her website at: http://www.sangeetahanda.com/book.html

From the expression of gratitude to the “angel” who guided the authoring of this fine book, “Appointment with Destiny,” to the finalchapters in…


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Re-Declaration of Independence by Johnny Liberty

Editors Note: This "Re-declaration of Independence" was first published in the North American News Service (Summer 1995) to restore the sovereignty of the American people. Then it was included as Chapter 15 in the 2nd Edition of the Global Sovereign’s Handbook (1998).




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Why God Made Moms by Anonymous


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Detoxified Iodine for Thyroid Health | Healthy Transformation

Editor's Note: Given the rampant fear since the nuclear incident in Japan we though it important to provide access to a source of detoxified iodine for thyroid health and to alleviate any fear of radiation entering the body.


PRODUCT: Detoxified Iodine


IodineSource.com is your source for detoxified iodine. Our iodine is reduced to a 1% concentration in…


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Reexamining the Political Culture | Liberty International Foundation

By Johnny Liberty

The sovereignty and freedom movement at the turn of the millennium was leading the political culture to reexamine fundamental assumptions and the rightful role of government at every level in our daily affairs.

  1. Should the federal government have a limited or unlimited capacity to legislate or be restricted within the original intent of…

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The Miracle of Ozone | Health Reporting

By Linda Cotrufello


Ozone, from the Greek, is a form of oxygen so important that the translation means, "The Breath of God." Medical grade ozone has many uses that are widely published on the internet. It has been used for over 50 years successfully in Germany for a variety of diseases, including Aids, cancer, hepatitis, genital herpes, chronic… Continue

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America & the World Beyond 9/11 | Liberty International

FF-Fear-288 By Johnny Liberty

Author's Note: This article was written three years after 9/11/01. I re-post it here for your reflection on the ninth anniversary.

Artwork: Norman Rockwell's Famous Four Freedoms: Fear, Religion, Speech and Want

"In these times, to dare to speak the truth about 911 is heresy, a… Continue

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LIVE WEBCAM: An Eagle in Her Nest with Chicks | Wild Earth TV

Editor's Note: I just came across this phenomenal live webcam of an eagle with her newborn chick and two eggs about to hatch. Check it out at: www.hornbyeagles.com/webcam.htm

Source: Wild Earth… Continue

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Essay Writing

The essay writing process can be pretty tough for many students who struggle with time or writing abilities. It can take hours just to complete the research you need before you actually start writing.

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Transpartisan Organizing, Consulting and Training | Transpartisan Alliance

There is demand at all levels society for the unique political bridge-building experience developed by members of the Transpartisan Alliance. The skills, tools and know how for constructively engaging across divides to achieve greater collaboration are in demand at all levels of society, within and between all types of organizations. As part of its mission the Transpartisan Alliance offers consulting services to conference planners, conveners, organizers and design teams… Continue

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Chemtrails: Fact or Fiction? | Educate Yourself

Dear Friends,

It doesn't concern me in the least whether or not you come over "on my side" concerning the issue of chemtrails. If you wish to remain ignorant, blind, unobservant, and uninformed, that is your prerogative. Your willful blinding to the fact that large scale aerosol operations by huge tanker aircraft (and other, non-conventional flying platforms) of toxic substances are taken place daily right over your head will not prevent you from breathing in… Continue

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Yoga News

Cheryl Walters | Lotus Bloom Yoga

Cheryl Walters has been teaching and sharing the gifts of yoga since 2001. She is a Yoga Therapist, certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and has been the director and lead instructor for Yoga Intensive Studies Programs and Yoga teacher training for Yoga Alliance locally for over 13 years. She has trained over 100 yoga students to become yoga teachers and continues to mentor yoga teachers and yoga students Worldwide.

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